Why do I love cruising? I love that I don’t have to pack and unpack to tour. I love that all of my meals are included on the ship and sometimes wine/alcohol depending on the ship. This definitely helps with budgeting. Plus the staff all speak English unlike some exotic place where it can be challenging.

What has been my favourite cruise? Rhone & Soane rivers. Then the Rhine

Favourite cruise destinations? Europe – some many different ways to see the most popular cities of Europe while you are cruising!

Favourite cruise lines? Oceania Cruises, Silversea Cruises, AMA Waterways, Scenic River cruises

Favourite cruise booking for a client? I did a Holland America sailing for very good clients back in Dec 2007. This was my very first Virtuoso Voyage booking. The exclusive event was in Argentina at a gaucho rancho with lunch. My clients were so taken with this trip. They still rave about it!

Do you have any cruise specialties? River cruises are my thing. I love Europe. I love using a river cruise as one component of the trip and building around that. I also enjoy ocean cruises in Europe for the same reason.


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