Why do I love cruising? I want to see the world and this is the best way to see many places on one vacation. I also love the fact that I only have to unpack once while travelling the world. Food and entertainment is not bad either.


What has been my favourite cruise? So far my favourite itinerary has been a Mediterranean cruise I did with Celebrity.


Favourite cruise destinations? My ultimate favourite would be cruises to the French Polynesian Islands. And then I would say all the destinations in the Mediterranean, there are so many to choose from and so much history and culture to experience.

Favourite cruise lines? I personally love Celebrity Cruises and Oceania is wonderful – my clients always come back pleased with their service, food and ships.


Favourite cruise booking for a client? I have a couple that I booked onto Paul Gauguin and added a land stay and the reaction on their return made my heart swell. I was so happy for them but then I knew I did everything to ensure they had the best trip ever!!!

My other favourite booking that I did for some clients was an Oceania cruise in China. The clients were new and their excitement for this cruise and their feedback was fantastic and they have now become cherished repeat clients.


Do you have any cruise specialties? I am 100% willing to sell any cruise line to any destination as long as it fits the their personality and budget. I love to work with clients to guide them to the cruise line I think is best for them.

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