First Time to Antarctica? Here’s What You Should Know

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Imagine a place where the summer sun never sets, where endless ice surrounds you, and snow-covered peaks reach high into a cobalt blue sky. Where jagged glaciers plunge into the ocean, and huge tabular icebergs form wall-like corridors through which ships sail.

Picture thousands of penguins clattering and calling for as far as the eye can see, with their fluffy chicks feeding, learning to walk and fledging. Imagine looking into the big, mahogany-brown eyes of a weddell seal as it lies on a floating piece of ice, or admiring the majesty of a humpback whale as it raises its tail flukes before diving to the depths of the Southern Ocean.

This is Antarctica—one of the wildest and most stunning regions in the world. “Nothing can prepare you for the first time you encounter a penguin colony of 60,000 birds on a beach,” says Conrad Combrink, Silversea Cruises’ Senior Vice President Strategic Development Expeditions and Experiences. “Or when you [first] witness a towering iceberg, floating alone in the water.” For many reasons, the first trip to Antarctica is a life-defining moment.

Meeting Antarctica’s Incredible Wildlife
Antarctica is home to some of the largest marine mammals and most fascinating birds for much of the year. However, it’s during the summer months—from November to February—that the region visibly teems with wildlife.

The most accessible part of the continent, the Antarctic Peninsula, is home to several species of penguins, such as the Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap. Weddell and crabeater seals are commonplace along the Peninsula coastlines, and the elusive leopard seal is also spotted here. On the nearby Subantarctic island of South Georgia, King Penguins rule the beaches by the thousands, with Antarctic fur seals and elephant seals living side-by-side around them.

“You can never be near penguins without having a massive smile on your face,” reveals repeat Silversea Expeditions guest Mick Toller. “Whether they’re waddling along in a line, battling their way up a hill, sliding down on their bellies or getting up the courage to dive off a rock, they are a constant source of amusement everywhere you look.”

The southern summer is also when humpback whales arrive from the tropics to feed; at this time of year, calves will usually accompany their mothers. It’s not uncommon to see them as they rest or play at the surface of the water, before diving—up to 600 feet (200 meters)—to feed on krill, crustaceans and small fish.

“Simply being on a Zodiac and right next to a humpback whale—there is something very humbling about that,” beams Combrink. “A humpback whale coming right up to your Zodiac and spyhopping—It’s what most people dream of.”

Thanks to its remote location, the majority of visitors to Antarctica come by cruise ship, usually aboard an ice-class vessel. The International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators (IAATO) oversees tourism to the region. As part of its policy, anyone traveling to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands must adhere to strict biosecurity and animal welfare guidelines. It prevents the spread of non-native species, pests and pathogens and also protects wildlife.

The measures include a full inspection of all clothing and gear to be used by both passengers and guides before arrival, as well as a decontamination procedure after every landing, so boots, bags, walking poles and other equipment are regularly cleaned. No food, including nuts, seeds or sweets, or drink, other than potable water, is to be taken ashore. Any waste must be brought back to the ship. The guidelines also stipulate a safe distance limit for observing animals, but still close enough to be able to get a great photo with the right equipment. “Seeing how a concerted effort has been able to keep Antarctica pristine is incredibly important,” reveals Toller. “It makes you more aware of how much we have to do to clean up the planet.”

The Best Time of Year for an Antarctic Expedition
Most expedition ships begin their season in mid- to late-November and operate until early March. “Animals congregate in masses between December and the end of February,” Combrink explains. When you visit can be decided by determining what you want to see most.

November and December offer the best chance to witness female seals nurturing their adorable pups or penguins laying and protecting their eggs. As January and February arrive, the penguin chicks hatch and begin fledging. Whales are also more commonly seen towards the end of the season.

What to Pack for Antarctica?
The key to a comfortable excursion in Antarctica is layered clothing and durable boots. Layers allow you to regulate your body temperature according to the weather conditions and activity, while pull-on boots with sturdy soles will keep you dry during “wet” Zodiac landings in shallow, icy water.

Regarding clothing for your first trip to Antarctica, remember to pack a base, insulating and outer layer. At least two sets of each are recommended. Base layers should be lightweight, quick-drying, breathable and thermal, while the insulating layer should be warm and flexible. Finally, the outer layer should be windproof, waterproof and large enough to fit over all other layers. Waterproof pants should have a wide enough base to fit over boots that are at least mid-calf length.

Woolen hats that cover your ears are highly recommended, as are sunglasses to protect against the glare from the ice. Neck gaiters provide an easy-to-manage alternative to scarves. Windproof and waterproof gloves are a must—bring spare pairs in case they get wet.

Handy accessories might include a waterproof backpack or sealable waterproof sack to ensure possessions stay dry. Collapsible trekking poles help with walking in the snow, and foot and hand warmers add warmth on particularly cold days. Lip balm with UV protection is also recommended. And Toller has one last piece of advice for first-time visitors: “Buy good binoculars. They are a great investment.”

While traveling to Antarctica for the first time is the ultimate adventure, it’s still a trip that can be enjoyed by everyone. “You don’t have to be in top physical shape to go to Antarctica,” explains Combrink. “[Even] going by Zodiac to the landing site is a unique experience. Just sitting at the landing site, there is already so much to see. Or just enjoy the view from your suite—you will never ever be bored.”



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Two World Cruises in 2021

Silversea Cruises Announces Two World Cruises in 2021

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(Monaco — January 30, 2019) Silversea Cruises continues to push boundaries with the announcement of two pioneering World Cruises in 2021, including the world’s first ever Expedition World Cruise. Offering distinct sets of experiences and differing ways to discover our planet, the two World Cruises will enable Silversea’s guests to travel deeper into the world’s authentic beauty on their own terms, as they cruise in superlative comfort. Today, January 30, marks the opening of an exclusive pre-sale to world-cruising guests of 2019 and guests booked on the World Cruise 2020. Sales for the two World Cruises 2021 will open to the general public in March 2019.


Expedition World Cruise 2021

2021 Expedition World Cruise. The Uncharted World Tour.

Affirming the cruise line’s market leadership in its 10th year of expedition travel, Silversea reveals the 2021 Expedition World Cruise, described as the ‘uncharted world tour.’ Fully inclusive, Silversea’s Expedition World Cruise 2021 is unprecedented with regards to the scope of immersive experiences on offer: the itinerary is crafted to connect the most rewarding travel experiences around the planet. This experience-focused expedition will appeal to those with a passion for discovery, who like to stay active on their travels, and continue to challenge their own sense of adventure. From Ushuaia to Tromsø, the 167-day voyage will call at 107 of the planet’s most amazing destinations, in 30 must-visit countries—including six new ports of call for Silversea (Naxos, Folegandros, Nafpaktos, Ksamil, Bejaïa, and Fort William). The 2-bedroom Owner’s Suite on Silver Cloud is offered at a price just short of USD 1 million for the entire World Cruise.


This highly experiential expedition will enable guests to engage with remote destinations through hands-on exploration; immersive shore excursions, which are included; informative lectures from Silversea’s Expedition Team; and featured lectures from many world-class experts, including, among others, the inspirational Felicity Aston MBE—a recipient of the Polar Medal and the first and only woman to cross Antarctica alone—and Tim Severin—a world-renowned explorer who has retraced the storied journeys of Saint Brendan the Navigator, Sindbad the Sailor, Jason and the Argonauts, Ulysses, The First Crusade, and Genghis Khan. Guests will enjoy a private dinner on London Tower Bridge’s walkway, an exclusive Viking feast in Kjarnaskogur Forest in Iceland, and a number of other bespoke events around the world. Moreover, for a segment of this innovative World Cruise, Silversea’s Senior Vice President of Expedition and Destinations Experiences, Conrad Combrink, will feature as Expedition Leader, enriching the voyage for guests.


Departing Ushuaia on January 30, 2021, Silversea’s ultra-luxurious ice-class crossover, Silver Cloud, will journey between Antarctica’s highlight destinations, before setting course for Chile’s Valparaiso via the Chilean Fjords. Subsequently, guests will set sail for Papeete, Tahiti, via Easter Island and the fabled Pitcairn Island, before voyaging towards Lautoka, Fiji. Calls in a number of other iconic destinations in Oceania—including remote exploration stops in Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea—precede guests’ arrival in Cairns, Australia, which then leads to the Kimberley Coast. Guests will subsequently unlock various destinations in Indonesia, before arriving in Singapore. Next, Silver Cloud will set sail for Sumatra, Sri Lanka and Cochin, India, prior to reaching Piraeus (Athens), Lisbon, and Reykjavik. Part of an emphatic conclusion, guests aboard Silversea’s 2021 Expedition World Cruise will then explore the highlights of Iceland, ahead of calls in the Svalbard Region and the voyage’s conclusion in Tromsø, Norway, on July 16, 2021.

What’s Included – Expedition World Cruise 2021

  • Business class air*
  • Charter flight from Santiago to Ushuaia
  • Bon Voyage reception and overnight accommodation (pre-voyage)
  • Private transfer from airport to hotel, group transfer from hotel to pier and private transfer post cruise from pier to airport
  • $2,000 onboard spending credit (per guest)
  • Exclusive World Cruise events
  • All excursions
  • Special commemorative expedition gear
  • Gifts
  • Laundry service
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi**
  • Medical services
  • Visa package***


*Available from selected gateways/countries. Non-use air credit available for other countries.
**Limited internet access in Antarctica.
***For USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia only.


World Cruise 2021

2021 World Cruise. The Finest World Tour.

For connoisseurs of travel who wish to get closer to the authentic beauty of the world at a relaxed pace, enjoying the opportunity to form deep connections and savour experiences over time, the 2021 World Cruise beckons. Referred to as the ‘Finest World Tour,’ this 54-port, 150-day, 34-country itinerary will begin with the departure of Silversea’s Silver Whisper from Fort Lauderdale on January 7, 2021, and will conclude in New York on June 6. On the World Cruise 2021, world-cruising guests will both embark and debark in the USA, having travelled around the planet.


In addition to many of the benefits that will enrich the Expedition World Cruise 2021, guests on this cultured voyage will enjoy two new Silversea initiatives: Dine Around Town, which will offer guests the chance to indulge in a ‘meal on us’ at fine restaurants in their choice of two of four cities, with bespoke menus and wine pairings; and Your Day Your Way, which will enable travellers to travel deeper on their own or with friends, accompanied by English-speaking guides and transported in private sedans or minivans. Also, as part of a rich schedule of bespoke events, guests will enjoy a traditional Venetian masquerade ball in the City of Water and a glamorous night at the races in Hong Kong.


Silver Whisper will depart Fort Lauderdale to begin the World Cruise 2021, before unlocking many remarkable destinations for guests in Central America. After transiting the iconic Panama Canal, guests will reach Callao (Lima), before enjoying the delights of Easter Island and various other highlights of the South Pacific Region, and subsequently arriving in Auckland, New Zealand. From New Zealand, the World Cruise will continue onto Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns and Darwin, before reaching Benoa in Bali. Various stops throughout the Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea precede the ship’s arrival in Tokyo. After Kagoshima, guests will travel deeper to the iconic destinations of Asia: Shanghai, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Yangon, Colombo, and Mumbai. Silversea’s guests will next set sail for Piraeus (Athens) and Lisbon, before crossing the Atlantic Ocean on the ultimate stretch of the World Cruise 2021 to New York.


What’s Included – World Cruise 2021

• Business class air*
• Bon Voyage reception, dinner and overnight accommodation (pre-voyage)
• Private transfer from airport to hotel, group transfer from hotel to pier and private transfer post cruise from pier to airport
• $2,000 onboard spending credit (per guest)
• Exclusive World Cruise events
• Bespoke Silversea experiences (“Dine Around Town” and “Your Day Your Way”)
• Special commemorative gifts
• Silver Shore Baggage Valet between home and ship in Fort Lauderdale and New York (up to 2 bags, 50lbs each, per guest)
• Laundry service
• Unlimited Wi-Fi
• Medical services
• Visa package**

*Available from selected gateways/countries. Non-use air credit available for other countries.
**For USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia only.


“By operating two World Cruises in 2021, we are increasing the offering for our guests, pushing boundaries in the world of travel,” says Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio, Silversea’s Executive Chairman. “With a passion for sharing the authentic beauty of our planet, we are enabling our guests to discover the world on their own terms.”


“Building on our already remarkable World Cruise offering, Silversea will become the first ever cruise line to launch an Expedition World Cruise in 2021,” says Roberto Martinoli, Silversea Cruises’ CEO. “This momentous voyage is the result of 10 years of experience and industry-leading knowledge—qualities which enable us to unlock remarkable travel experiences for our guests and have contributed to our reputation as the industry leader.”


Aboard Silversea ships, guests enjoy ocean-view suites, sumptuous cuisine, and the personalised service of a butler. Enriching the experience are such all-inclusive amenities as complimentary premium wines and spirits, specialty coffees, bottled water, juices and soft drinks served throughout the ship; an in-suite bar, stocked with guests’ preferences; in-suite 24-hour dining; and unlimited complimentary Wi-Fi. Throughout both World Cruises in 2021, guests will also benefit from a complimentary laundry service; medical service; and an inclusive visa package for nationals of the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia.



The Last Frontier: Nine Unforgettable Alaska Adventures

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Vast swaths of raw wilderness untouched by man, picturesque mountains capped in snow, rugged coastlines alive with the roar of the oceans and the songs of shorebirds—there’s a good reason Alaska is known as the Last Frontier. With national parks larger than many European nations, flora and fauna thriving in their natural habitats, and charming port towns filled with adventurers and frontiersmen, Alaska is a place unlike any other on Earth.

Our onshore experiences bring you beyond Alaska’s misty ports and into the heart of the wild. Showcasing Alaska’s unique, thriving spirit and culture, these shore excursions offer something for everyone—from history buffs and hikers to foodies and fjord fanatics.

At each port of call throughout your trip to Alaska, there is adventure waiting to be had. Looking for a little inspiration? Here are a few of the incredible experiences you can try during your journey into the heart of the Last Frontier.


Known as “The Valley of The Eagles,” the town of Haines is considered by many to be one of Alaska’s true adventure hubs. After all, it has long been a jumping off point for outdoor enthusiasts looking to make their way into the 49th State’s great unknown. And you can make that journey for yourself on the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari.

This Azamara shore excursion offers something for everyone, including a cruise through the Lynn Canal—North America’s deepest fjord. Here, whales breach the water’s surface, though you may miss them as you become transfixed on the towering mountains that surround you. You’ll see beautiful beaches and lush rainforests—two things that may not immediately come to mind when you think of Alaska—as you make your way toward the Davidson Glacier at Glacier Point. Best of all, a canoe trip through the glacial lake below gets you even closer to this large valley glacier.

Before you make your way to the Davidson Glacier at Glacier Point, we recommend learning a little more about these incredible natural wonders. Alaska Public Land Information Center has an excellent glacier primer worth checking out—where you can learn how glaciers form, what makes Alaskan glaciers so unique, and more.


If Alaska is The Last Frontier, then Homer is the last stop—literally! Nestled at the end of the Sterling Highway, surrounded by mountains on one side and the Kachemak Bay on the other—Homer is a destination alive with pioneer spirits and wild hearts. And just across the water, your next adventure awaits on a sea kayaking journey in Kachemak Bay State Park—Alaska’s first state park.

Fridtjof Nansen, one of the world’s greatest polar explorers and a Nobel prize winner, once called the kayak “Far and away the best one-man boat in existence.” Of course, you can choose between a solo or tandem kayak on your journey along the shores of Kachemak Bay State Park. As your guide shares fascinating insights on this remote part of the world, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife who call Kachemak Bay State Park home—including majestic moose and black bears bigger than any you’ve seen in The Lower 49 (Alaskan lingo for the contiguous United States).

Kayarchy is an excellent resource for those interested in learning more about the thrills of sea kayaking, and we highly recommend their detailed look at this versatile boat if you’re interested in learning more before you take to the waters.


Dog mushing (also known as dog sledding) is more than Alaska’s official state sport, it’s a statewide obsession—one that is celebrated every year during the Iditarod. This 1,150-mile sled dog race takes racers from Anchorage to Nome every March in an unforgettable test of endurance. When you travel to Juneau with us, you can experience what it’s like to be a racer in the legendary Iditarod as you hop aboard a dog sled for a journey across the Mendenhall Glacier.

Now, one does not simply walk to the Mendenhall Glacier. This nearly 14-mile long glacier, originally known as Aak’wtaaksit (the Glacier Behind the Little Lake), is hidden within the Tongass National Forest—and the best way to get there is by helicopter.

Upon arrival, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the reigns from some of Alaska’s professional mushers. You’ll also find yourself in the company of hundreds of huskies ready to take you on the ride of a lifetime. Whether you want to take control of the team yourself, or simply sit back and enjoy the thrill of it all, this excursion brings you closer than ever to one of Alaska’s most enduring and iconic traditions.

For thousands of years, sled dogs and humankind have been working together in the coldest regions of North America. You can learn all about the history of this wonderful relationship in this brief history of Dog Sledding put together by Outdoor Dog World. Or, if you’re fascinated by the Iditarod, ThoughtCo. has an informative overview of the history of the race, how it works today, and the dogs who take center stage—or perhaps center sled—each year.


Alaska has always been heralded as a foodie hot spot, with the area’s unique gastronomy culture yielding some exciting dishes—ranging from unmissable to unbelievable. They’re also renowned for their seafood—and you can learn for yourself how they prepare these culinary delights when you step foot inside Alaska’s Wildest Kitchen during your time in Icy Strait Point.

Learn preparation secrets from local fishers as they share stories of life on the Alaskan waters—a conversation that is certain to work up your appetite. Luckily for you, once you learn how to prepare fresh Alaskan seafood, you can try some for yourself!

While you’re here, don’t miss the opportunity to do some fishing of your own! Icy Strait Point is a fisher’s paradise—especially if you have your heart (and line) set on halibut or salmon. Food Republic has put together a great guide to Alaskan salmon—including a look at all five different types you’ll have the opportunity to try and catch when your visit.


Near the southern tip of Alaska, you’ll find Ketchikan—a community awash in indigenous heritage and towering totem poles. It’s also just west of the striking Misty Fjords National Monument. A mix of towering fjords and jagged sea cliffs, the Misty Fjord National Monument is a sight to behold, especially when—true to its name—it’s enveloped by mist.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are no roads to the Misty Fjords, but our Misty Fjords Flightseeing shore excursion can get you there! On this guided tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see this breathtaking natural landmark from the air as you make your way through the mist for an up-close view—complete with expert insights from a local expert. Keep your camera handy, because at 3570 square miles, there’s a lot to see.

For many, sightseeing is the perfect way to work up an appetite—which is why a stop at the George Inlet Lodge is a must. Here, enjoy an all-you-can-eat feast of Dungeness crab—known for its distinct sweet flavor. While Dungeness crab is found throughout the Pacific Ocean (as far south as Mexico) Alaskan Seafood knows—and we’re inclined to agree—that the most flavorful Dungeness crab you can try is hauled in from along the shores of Alaska.


In Kodiak, you’ll find interesting nods to Russian heritage around every corner (or should we say dome?), a variety of museums, and a lot of fishing boats. Over 600 in fact—making Kodiak Alaska’s largest fishing port. It’s also home to a fascinating piece of American military history, one that serves as a reminder of what could have happened during World War II.

Fort Abercrombie State Park was once a fortified military installation ready to fend off an Axis attack. Of course, that attack never came—partially due to inclement weather—and after the war, it became an attraction towering on the cliffs of Monashka Bay. You can explore the fort for yourself, as well the rest of the state park, on a nature walk with us.

This shore excursion pairs you with a local guide who will take you through the colorful state park, pointing out highlights of the natural landscape and elusive wildlife along the way. Your expert guide will also share insights on Kodiak’s history as a military outpost as you make your way toward the Miller Point Gun Placement and Kodiak Military History Museum.

Long before it was a point of defense in World War II, the region surrounding Fort Abercrombie State Park was already a wealth of historical significance. History buffs will love this detailed look at the region put together by Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources.


Bustling and beautiful, Seward wraps around the edge of breathtaking Resurrection Bay—providing picture perfect panoramic views that will make you fall in love with this part of the world. Animal lovers will adore Seward, especially the Seward Sealife Center—Alaska’s beloved marine mammal rehabilitation facility.

Not far from here is the Kenai Fjords National Park—home of the Harding Icefield and Bear Glacier—where you can explore more of Seward’s majestic beauty and wildlife on an Azamara shore excursion that takes you across Resurrection Bay and into the park. As your boat navigates its way between gorgeous glaciers and towering fjords, be sure to keep your eyes open for a closer look at Alaskan wildlife, including sea otters, killer whales, massive humpbacks, and more.

Words can hardly do the Kenai Fjords National Park justice. Luckily for all of us, the adventurers at The Greatest Road Trip have put together a fantastic photo gallery of their time spent in the park (along with plenty of useful tips for visitors). Take a look and get ready to ramp up your feelings of wanderlust!


Less than 200 years ago, Alaska wasn’t a state. It wasn’t even an American territory—it was Russian. And the capital city of Russian Alaska was New Archangel, known today as Sitka. Russian influence is teeming throughout this city—one of the oldest non-native settlements in Alaska—from the atmospheric Russian Cemetery to the Russian Bishop’s House museum on Lincoln Street.

Beyond its cultural history, Sitka is also a popular destination for spotting some of Alaska’s most beloved wildlife—many of which you can catch a glimpse of on an Azamara shore excursion. Take a northern wildlife safari out to sea, where you’ll catch glimpses of sea otters playing, whales breaching the water’s surface, and curious bears patrolling the shores. From here, return ashore and make your way to the Alaska Raptor Center. No, this isn’t a secret dinosaur facility. It’s a beloved rehabilitation center for birds like the mighty bald eagle who have been injured in nature to heal and learn to soar the skies once again.

Over time in Alaska, changes to the ecosystem have resulted in a diminished natural territory for bears. An unfortunate side effect of this shift is an increase in sick or abandoned bear cubs. Typically, these cubs would have a nearly impossible time surviving in the wild, which is where Fortress of the Bear comes into the picture. This not-for-profit sanctuary—that you’ll visit as part of this Azamara shore excursion—recuses bears and rehabilitates them back to health, giving them a second chance to live a full life.


Skagway, the fabled gateway to the Klondike, is home to a wealth of history. If the walls of its colorful buildings could talk, they’d tell the story of men and women who arrived seeking their fortune during the gold rush—and who managed to make the legendary Wild West look pretty tame by comparison.

Now you can follow in the tracks of these adventurers who made their way up north in hopes of striking it rich on our Azamara shore excursion that takes you along the White Pass and Yukon Route Railway. An engineering marvel to this day, this narrow-guide railroad is rich with history. Climbing nearly 3,000 feet in just 20 miles, the train weaves through evergreen forests and mountainside tunnels while providing you with stunning panoramic views along every mile of the track. The end of this line brings you all the way to Canada’s Yukon territory, where you’ll switch from riding the rails to riding the roads on the way back to Skagway. Along the way, you’ll be treated to stories from the days of the gold rush, as well as opportunities to see iconic Klondike landmarks for yourself.


Is your pioneer spirit starting to stir at the thought of a voyage to Alaska?

It’s time to embrace your inner frontiersman and experience this northern beauty for yourself. While we’ve highlighted some of the exciting adventures you can have in Alaska, the truth is we’ve only scratched the surface. There is so much to see and do in Alaska, and with our expertly curated shore excursions, you’re sure to find something new, marvelous, and unexpected on every stop of your journey. The Last Frontier awaits! It’s time for you to answer the call of the wild and forge your own path



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Allura Class Ships

Allura-Class – Oceania Cruises Next Generation Ships

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Miami, FL, January 8, 2019 – Oceania Cruises, the upper-premium subsidiary of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., today announced an order for two new ships from Fincantieri S.p.A. The ships will be delivered in 2022 and 2025.

“This new class of ships will represent an evolution of the Oceania Cruises experience with all the elements our guests treasure – a warm, intimate, residential style; the most spacious standard staterooms afloat; amazing suites, and of course, the finest cuisine at sea,” stated Bob Binder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Oceania Cruises.

The two 67,000 gross ton Allura-Class ships will each accommodate approximately 1,200 guests. This new class of mid-size cruise vessels will retain all the warmth, popular design elements, and signature amenities of the line’s award-winning Marina and Riviera while affording guests an additional level of comfort, convenience and many new luxury amenities.

“We are excited to expand the Oceania Cruises fleet with our new Allura-Class ships to meet the strong demand for upscale culinary- and destination-focused cruise vacations around the globe,” said Frank Del Rio, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. “This new class of ships will further elevate the already best-in-class guest experience at Oceania Cruises and meaningfully strengthen demand from both new and loyal returning guests, which will ultimately drive further returns for shareholders.”

“This new successful project for Oceania Cruises is yet another demonstration of our ability to capitalize on product innovation and diversification to meet the needs of every type of customer, a capability that distinguishes us in the world” said Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri. “The order we are announcing today, indeed, reiterates not only our first place in the luxury sector, but at the same time it further strengthens an unprecedented leadership in the cruise sector, with a backlog of 55 vessels to be built for most of the brands operating on this market, and deliveries extending all the way to 2027”.

The contract price for each of the two vessels is approximately €575 million per ship. The Company has obtained export credit financing with favorable terms to fund 80 percent of the contract price of each ship, subject to certain Italian government approvals.



About Oceania Cruises
Oceania Cruises is the world’s leading culinary- and destination-focused cruise line. The line’s six intimate and luxurious ships which carry only 684 or 1,250 guests offer an unrivaled vacation experience featuring the finest cuisine at sea and destination-rich itineraries that span the globe. Expertly crafted voyages aboard designer-inspired, intimate ships call on more than 450 ports across Europe, Alaska, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, New England-Canada, Bermuda, the Caribbean, Panama Canal, Tahiti and the South Pacific and epic 180-day Around the World Voyages.

About Fincantieri S.p.A.
Fincantieri is one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups and number one by diversification and innovation. It is leader in cruise ship design and construction and a reference player in all high-tech shipbuilding industry’s sectors, from naval to offshore vessels, from high-complexity special vessels and ferries to mega-yachts, ship repairs and conversions, systems and components production and after-sales services.
Headquartered in Trieste (Italy), the Group has built more than 7,000 vessels in over 230 years of maritime history. With almost 19,000 employees, of whom more than 7,800 in Italy, 20 shipyards in 4 continents, today Fincantieri is the leading Western shipbuilder. It has among its clients the major cruise operators, the Italian and the U.S. Navy, in addition to several foreign navies, and it is partner of some of the main European defense companies within supranational programs.

About Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. is a leading global cruise company which operates the Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises brands. With a combined fleet of 26 ships with approximately 54,400 berths, these brands offer itineraries to more than 450 destinations worldwide. With today’s announcement, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings has ten ships on order for delivery through 2027 including seven ships on order for Norwegian Cruise Line, two for Oceania Cruises and one for Regent Seven Seas Cruises. The Company will take delivery of its newest ship, Norwegian Encore, in fall 2019.



Cautionary Statement Concerning Forward-Looking Statements
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Celebrity Cruises brings Glamping to the Galapagos

Celebrity Cruises Unveils The First-Ever Glamping Experience At Sea

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Galapagos Glamping will leave guests star-struck in the unspoiled lush archipelago

MIAMI, Nov. 8, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The first ship ever designed exclusively for the Galapagos Islands, Celebrity Flora, just introduced another enticing industry first: A once-in-a-lifetime camping experience on the top deck of the luxury yacht that allows guests to dine, drink, and, yes, even sleep under one of the most spectacular night skies in the world.

“Celebrity Flora was specifically designed to bring our guests closer to the Galapagos Islands than ever before – from its outward-facing design that takes guests to the water’s edge, to the enhanced custom-designed Novurania yacht tenders,” said Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President and CEO, Celebrity Cruises. “And now our new Galapagos Glamping experience gives guests an incredible opportunity to experience the destination the ship was built for, on a whole new level, under the millions of stars above.”

Four star-struck guests per night will be able to book the top deck onboard experience and participate in this one-night-only adventure. The reservations include two luxuriously inviting cabanas, one fitted with a double bed for sleeping, and the other for enjoying a mouthwatering, alfresco meal. Galapagos Glamping was created to break down the walls and bring guests closer than ever to this stunning destination. To help guests fully appreciate the breathtaking views this experience offers, a naturalist will also be available to highlight the stars and constellations visible from this region of the world directly from the cabana seats.

Exclusive campfire-inspired culinary delights – from cocktails to carefully selected wines to s’mores – will be specially curated for the evening, while guests gaze at the endless open skies above. Guests will have a delicious dinner served exclusively as part of the Galapagos Glamping experience. Campers will also welcome the spectacular sunrise with a full bed-side breakfast.

Modern luxury exploration in the Galapagos Islands will never be the same once Celebrity Flora begins her inaugural season, sailing alternating 10- and 11-night tours, there is also the option for guests to select a 16-night itinerary— an inner loop and outer loop — to the region’s most stunning locales in 2019 and 2020.


Based in Baltra Island in the Galapagos, Celebrity Flora will make her debut sailing on May 26, 2019 and bookings are now open. The exclusive Galapagos Glamping experience will be available upon request for a fee, on every Celebrity Flora sailing, subject to availability.

To learn more about the brand’s unrivaled offerings, or its industry-leading stewardship and conservation efforts in the region, visit

This is Small Ship Cruising

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Imagine waking up to enjoy breakfast on your private veranda brought to you by your very own butler.  This is small ship cruising. Luxurious and elegant, these stunning ships have a huge amount to offer.

Paul Gauguin Cruises

Designed specifically to glide through the shallow seas of the South Pacific, The Gauguin is the flagship of Paul Gauguin Cruises and a small-ship cruiser’s dream. She delivers travellers to intimate ports inaccessible to larger cruise ships, all the while providing an onboard experience that is nothing short of luxurious. Click here for Paul Gauguin’s Canadian Resident Promotion.


2018 heralds Scenic’s entry into luxury ocean cruising with the inaugural season of Scenic Eclipse, the World’s First Discovery Yacht. With an almost 1:1 staff-to-guest ratio, your time on board will be one of unparalleled indulgence. From the ultimate Spa Sanctuary to the expansive array of dining experiences, spacious lounges and bars, outdoor terraces, and multiple pool areas, the luxurious wonders on board never cease. 


Seabourn’s highly acclaimed Odyssey-class ships carry just 458 guests to some of the most desirable destinations on earth in consummate comfort and sophisticated ease. Seabourn Odyssey, Seabourn Sojourn and Seabourn Quest maintain a high ratio of space per guest, enabling highly personalised service by close to one staff member for each guest on board. Perhaps best of all, each ship offers all-suite accommodations, Seabourn’s signature water sports Marina, an open-bar policy serving premium wine, champagne and spirits, and renowned menus.


Silversea’s small luxury ships are designed for those who delight in the thrill of discovery while indulging mind and body in the most lavish surroundings imaginable. All accommodations are spacious, ocean-view suites that include butler service, and most include private verandas.Renowned for culinary excellence and innovative spirit, Silversea’s luxury cruises offer a choice of open-seating dining options throughout the fleet, as well as several specialty venues aboard all non-expedition ships. Enjoy the ease, convenience and value of an all-inclusive cruise fare that includes almost all of your discretionary onboard expenses.

Windstar Cruises

Imagine spending a week on a friend’s private luxury yacht. Unlike the crowded cruise ships left in your wake, you are one of fewer than 300 guests on board. Your yacht is anchored in hidden harbours, docked in tiny ports, and in the heart of charming cities. While others wait for tenders in tedious lines, you swim and kayak off your own Watersports Platform. You step ashore into the centre of amazing city scenes to explore the secret charms of places larger ships simply cannot reach.