Shore Excursion Highlight: Glacier Walk & Waterfalls

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This Mindful Living Tour may be experienced on Seabourn’s Route of the Vikings voyages, British Isles & Iceland, Atlantic Isles Quest, A Viking Summer, Icealandic Summer, Northern Summer Skies, Viking Island Quest, Icelandic & Scottish Adventure, Commonwealth & Viking Route Quest, Atlantic & Maritimes Quest


Live the dream today with this opportunity to walk on an Icelandic glacier.

Leaving the city, relax and enjoy a panoramic drive southeast, passing over Hellisheiði — a mountain that offers a magnificent view of the wide plains formed by glacial rivers. You’re headed towards the town of Hveragerði surrounded by fertile farmland. The south coast of Iceland has some of the fantastic greenhouses built to harness geothermal energy for the food and horticulture industry. The quality and taste of these naturally grown vegetables is fabulous. Continue driving east, passing small villages and farmland. The majestic mountains towering above the coastal plain are your companions. Weather permitting, you might catch a glimpse of snow-shrouded Hekla — the country’s most active volcano. In the distance lies ice-capped Eyjafjallajökull volcano, whose 2010 eruption brought Europe’s aviation industry to a standstill. Beautiful Seljalandsfoss Waterfall is a fun surprise — you can walk behind the falls for a view of the falls’ backside! At Myìrdalsjökull Glacier, meet your expert glacier guides and set out on a hike to the frozen glacial tongue named Sólheimajökull — a rugged, raw and ever-changing river of frozen water. Step onto the glacier and observe the spectacular surroundings as you walk to the ice wall. Here, you will climb the ice, equipped with ice axes, crampons and safety lines that ensure that even if lose your grip, you will not fall. Once the glacier hike is over, head back to Reykjavík, stopping for a late lunch near Skógafoss Waterfall.

Please note: It is essential that you wear warm, layered clothing in order to fully enjoy and participate in this excursion. Outer layer jackets and pants should be waterproof and windproof (jeans are not permitted). Bring gloves, a warm hat and a scarf. Excellent, sturdy hiking shoes are required to fit the crampons. This outdoor activity comes with inherent risks. Waiver must be signed and medical conditions disclosed. The walking takes place on Sólheimajökull Glacier which is a branch of the Myìrdalsjökull Glacier. Lunch is light and includes Icelandic meat soup or soup of the day, bread and dessert with tea or coffee. This is a long walking/hiking tour, suitable only for physically fit participants. The glacier walk does not require any special skills but you must follow the guide’s instruction at all times and keep to the walking paths. Minimum age is 10 years.

As an extension of the Spa & Wellness with Dr. Andrew Weil, this Mindful Living tour is designed to deliver the experience that contributes to mind and body wellness. You are invited to visit the on-board spa to speak to the Mindful Living coach to learn more about Dr. Weil and our holistic wellness program.

Shore Excursion Highlight: Wadi Rum Desert Discovery

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Explore the extraordinary desert landscapes of Jordan while following the path of British adventurer T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia), and meet with local Bedouins on this 4×4 adventure.

Begin with a one-hour drive to the famous Wadi Rum — site of the 1920s Arab Revolt championed by Lawrence. Here, you get into a 4-wheel-drive vehicle and forge ahead to the Valley of the Moon, passing through some of the most magnificent scenery in the world. The bumps you encounter on this three-hour ride will be well rewarded with dramatic vistas of desert dunes, wind-sculpted hills and striking rock formations.

Photo stops along the way include the Seven Pillars of Wisdom Mountain, Lawrence’s jail, and sites of Thamudic, Kufic and Nabataean rock art.

Although relatively few of Jordan’s Bedouins still follow the ways of their ancestors, in Wadi Rum some families still live in the traditional style. Experience their warm hospitality over coffee or tea in a genuine Bedouin tent before returning to the pier in Aqaba.

Seabourn Cruises offers this UNESCO World Heritage Partner Tour exciting itineraries that visit Aqaba, Jordan


Please note: Tour requires limited walking on sandy terrain. Not advisable for guests using a wheelchair or for those with mobility limitations. Please realistically assess your physical fitness and ability prior to booking, as the walking is over uneven, sandy, difficult terrain. Participants must be able to climb into/out of the 4×4 vehicles. There will be about three hours of desert driving off-road in vehicles that are older and have no air-conditioning or seat belts. These are owned and operated by the local Bedouins. Ride will be bumpy. Pregnant women or guests with back or neck conditions are not allowed to participate.
Tallinn Old Town

Shore Excursion Highlight: Tallinn Country Home Visit & Old Town

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This excursion immerses you in the beautiful scenery and relaxed pace of Estonia’s countryside, highlighted by visits to an ancient burial site, a local garden, a local inn and complemented with a short tour of Tallinn’s Old Town.

Length: Approx. 8 hours
Level: Moderate
Walking Type: Medium
Activity Type: Adentures

Departing the pier aboard your motor coach, venture through downtown Tallinn and head east, traveling through Estonia’s most historic areas, which were settled as long as 5,000 years ago.

Appreciate the region’s rich archaeological heritage with a stop at an ancient burial ground, which dates to the 9th century BC.

Your journey continues as your motor coach makes its way past forests and pastures, soon reaching the home of a local resident. Enjoy a stop for a garden tour and refreshments served out-of-doors.

Your next taste of country life is a visit to Palmse, one of Estonia’s best-known manors. Its manor house dates from the 17th to 18th centuries and exhibits period furniture from those times. Also, view an exhibition of vintage bicycles.

Following a walk of the manor’s grounds, proceed to Palmse Inn for lunch, featuring a taste of local specialties, before returning to the pier and your Crystal ship.

Slovenia - traditional fish plate

Shore Excursion Highlight: Slovenia’s Trending Culinary Scene

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Oceania Cruises unique Culinary Discovery Tours™ offer the opportunity to experience firsthand the culinary culture of worldwide destinations. In local markets you will find the colorful produce, fresh fish and exotic spices used in traditional recipes that inspire people to gather around the table. Accompanied by a master chef, tour a winery in Madeira or a fish market in Rio de Janeiro, taste the authentic flavors of a region, learn techniques in local cooking classes and then hone your skills at The Culinary Center.

On this Oceania Culinary Discovery Tour you’ll have a chance to experience the emerging culinary scene in a place you may not have thought to get your foodie fix!

Port: Koper, Slovenia
Tour Length: Full-Day (approx. 6 hours). Includes a Meal
Activity Level: Moderate

Designed for the intrepid culinary explorer, this tour showcases the emerging food and wine trends of Slovenia. The old Slovenian proverb that says, “Love comes through the stomach,” is apparent today as you immerse yourself in the culinary arts of aquaculture, salt, olive oil and wine. You will first meet in The Culinary Center for an overview of your tour. Space is limited to eighteen guests, so you’ll enjoy an intimate experience with fellow foodies and our knowledgeable Chef Instructor.

Your excursion then begins with a panoramic drive to Piran Bay, located at the southernmost point of the Slovenian Sea and the location of the Fonda Fish Farm. It is here, where the clean, deep waters and strong current allow free-swimming farmed fish to thrive. The Fonda family is known throughout Slovenia (and the world) for their superior Piran Sea Bass. Upon arrival, you will meet Fonda family members, who will explain their philosophy and the techniques that have been developed over generations. The Fonda’s are a family of biologists, conservationists, innovators, fishermen, scuba divers and researchers whose business is regarded as the gold standard in modern aquaculture. You’ll climb aboard a boat with your host, Dr. Fonda, to tour into the fish fields. After the tour you’ll be treated to a tasting of Fonda branzino and a local wine.

Next, you’ll enjoy a short and scenic ride to a picturesque restaurant perched atop a hillside with beautiful views of the Slovenian country and seaside. Before lunch, you’ll be treated to two sessions with local experts on olive oil and salt – two artisan products treasured along the Adriatic from Slovenia. Vanja Dujc owns olive groves close by, and is an enchanting advocate for the art of the ancient craft of making olive oil. You’ll learn all about how olive oil is made and taste some of his award-winning varietals and blends. You’ll then have a presentation about the prized Soline salts of Slovenia, enjoyed by the Japanese Royal Family (and a favorite of Executive Chef Kelly). Taste their fleur de sal and learn how salt is harvested here in the salt beds very near the Fonda Farm.

In the casually elegant dining room, you’ll enjoy a tasting lunch prepared by the chef/owner; each course designed to showcase the regional products and recipes of Slovenia. Because no trip on the Slovenian culinary scene would be complete without acknowledging the emerging wine market here, we’ve arranged for the sommelier to select a wine to accompany each course. Throughout lunch the chef and sommelier will discuss the dishes and the pairings.

With a full heart and stomach, return to the ship with fond memories of an unforgettable day.

Please note: This tour includes approximately 90-minutes of moderate walking/standing and a 45-minute ride in a small commercial fishing boat. There will be some uneven surfaces and steps to negotiate. The tour is not available to wheelchair guests and may not be suitable for those with mobility concerns who are cautioned to carefully evaluate their personal level of stamina and ability. Weather appropriate clothing to include a light jacket or windbreaker; sun cap; sunglasses; sunscreen; and flat, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

Stingray Ballet & Snorkel Safari

Shore Excursion Highlight: Stingray Ballet & Snorkel Safari

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If you’ve cruised, you may have already done a Stingray Shore Excursion in say Grand Cayman?  But have you ever interacted with Stingrays, parrotfish and other tropical fish in the in pristine waters of the South Pacific?


Length: 3 Hours 

Explore the exquisite beauty and undersea denizens of Bora Bora’s lagoon during this stingray ballet and snorkeling safari aboard a covered snorkeling boat.

Depart the pier aboard the snorkeling boat for a cruise by the ancient crater rim of Motu Toopua, then past Motu Tapu. You will then drop anchor on a shallow sandbank to discover the elegant, yet harmless stingrays. Watch in amazement as your guide hand-feeds the stingrays as they glide effortlessly around you. If you are willing, your guide will even help you get close enough to touch them.

Next, you will continue on for a visit to a pristine coral garden. Upon arrival, you will receive your safety and diving instructions, then have an opportunity to snorkel in depths ranging from 4 to 5 feet. Along the way, admire an abundance of tropical and multi-colored fish, including parrotfish and butterflyfish. At the conclusion of your snorkeling session, you will be transferred back to the pier.