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Avalon Waterways Launches Flash Sale

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Avalon Waterways just announced it has launched its newest offer – a flash sale for European River Cruise sailings! You will be able to save $1,200 per person PLUS fly from Canada for just $499!

The charms of European river cruising are legendary: sailing at a leisurely pace past castles and vineyards, stepping off the ship docked in the heart of a centuries’ old town or city, gourmet meals – with wine included – in the company of new-found friends.

And now thanks to a flash sale from Avalon Waterways, these charms are more accessible to Canadians than ever. They have slashed prices on a select number of their Tulip Time and Active & Discovery on the Rhine sailings.

Not only will you save $1,200 per person on each one of these 16 sailings, but you will have access to airfares to Europe at incredibly low prices.  Using major scheduled airlines, Avalon will fly you from Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa or Montreal for just $499, taxes included.  And for just $100 to $150 more, you can add on connecting fares from 16 additional cities across Canada.*

Tulip Time cruises are a wonderful way to get a jump on spring. Sailing past acres of colourful tulip fields and enjoying the urban vibe of cities including Amsterdam and Belgium’s Antwerp, these 8-day sailings are in March. During the Flash Sale, prices start at $1,895 (excluding airfare).

Or sail from Amsterdam down the romantic Rhine on an 8-day Active & Discovery sailing – your choice of numerous departures from May to October. Every day you can choose a classic walking tour, an experience of discovery with, say, a local producer or vintner or a shoreside activity such as guided hike. All included in the Avalon price. During the Flash Sale, prices start at $3,209 (excluding airfare). Some departures sail from Wiesbaden, Germany back to Amsterdam.

Recipe: Krumkaker

Recipe: Krumkaker – A Christmas Favourite

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This is the Hagen family’s traditional recipe for krumkaker—these crispy and light wafers are a Christmas favorite, typically made in a cylinder or a cone shape. For an extra rich treat, fill them with whipped cream. If you do not have a krumkaker iron, a pizzelle or other wafer iron can also be used.

4 lg eggs
¾ C + 1½ T (160 g) sugar
¾ C + 2 T (200 g) butter, melted and cooled
1½ C + 1½ T (200 g) flour
1 tsp (2 g) ground cardamom

Cream together eggs and sugar. Add butter, flour and cardamom; mix well. Let batter rest 1 hour; drop a large spoonful into the center of a krumkaker iron. Cook for 1 minute, then quickly roll wafer around a stick (about as thick as a finger) or wooden cone form to hold curled shape; remove from stick and set aside to cool.

Prep time: 1 hour & 10 minutes Cook time: 1 minutes Rest time: 1 hour Makes about 3 dozen

Viking Cruises Hot Chocolate Recipe

Recipe: Viennese Hot Chocolate

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Elevate humble hot cocoa to a decadent indulgence. This recipe is a bit more work than just opening a packet of instant cocoa, but so worthwhile. Melt high-quality chocolate into the milk and top it with real whipped cream, creating “slow food” that will bring a touch of the elegant old world into your home.

3 C (710 ml) low fat milk, divided
7 oz (198 g) premium dark chocolate, grated
1 T (12 g) sugar r
1 C (237 ml) heavy cream, chilled
½ tsp (2½ ml) vanilla extract
1 T (8 g) confectioners’ sugar
Cocoa powder or chocolate shavings


Place 1 C (237 ml) of the milk and chocolate in a small saucepan over medium low; reduce to low and simmer until chocolate has melted, about 4 minutes. Place granulated sugar and remaining milk in another saucepan over medium low, whisking until sugar dissolves. Pour chocolate mixture into milk, whisking to combine, and simmer on low. Combine cream and vanilla together in a large bowl; add confectioners’ sugar and beat until peaks form. Pour chocolate into cups and top with a generous dollop of whipped cream and pinch of cocoa or chocolate shavings.

Prep time: 10 minutes. Cook time: 12 minutes. Makes 4 servings.



Recipe provided by Viking Cruises 

Viking River Cruises

Viking River Cruises – a better way to explore

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Nothing compares to a river. How else but on a river can you journey into the very heart of the world’s greatest cities and most charming towns, discovering the true nature of the land and its people?


Where else but on a river could you be gently carried along on an elegant, intimate ship, docking right in the heart of town, strolling off to begin your exploration?


How else but on a river would you travel with such ease, unpacking just once and enjoying the ever-changing scenery along the banks?


Comfortable and convenient, river cruising offers a greater variety of destinations than you can find any other way. Spend less time getting there, and more time being there. Small wonder so many people have fallen in love with this relaxing, immersive and thoroughly enjoyable form of travel.


Viking River Cruises—every detail matters

Inspiring destinations, hand-selected itineraries, expert tour guides, state-of-the-art ships, fine cuisine, excellent service and remarkable value—our success is defined by all these things. But there’s something else, too: personal attention to every detail. It’s the way your bartender has your drink ready for you at just the right time. The gentle guidance from your tai chi master during your lesson in China, or the handwritten directions from your concierge to the best coffeehouse in Vienna.


By owning and operating our ships, no detail escapes our attention. It sets us apart from our competitors. Every aspect of your cruise, from expertly designed menus to carefully crafted enrichment programs and beautifully appointed ships is planned to bring you closer to experiencing the most from your destination.


At Viking, we never forget that looking after you well is how we became the world’s leading river cruise line. It’s why our guests return again and again. And why we consistently have been the most awarded river cruise line worldwide.


Enriching encounters every place, every day

Why did baroque chamber music develop? How do you say ‘thank you’ in Chinese? What were the Russian Czars’ accomplishments? We understand that you travel to explore, to experience, to understand—to gain more insight than can be obtained from simply passing through. And, when it comes to showing you the world, Viking has an unrivaled depth of knowledge and expertise.



Our carefully crafted itineraries and daily shore excursions include must-see highlights and delightful surprises. These expertly guided tours bring you closer to the art, architecture, history and people. We have hand-selected guides, born and raised locally to provide an in-depth+ understanding no other cruise line can match. We also choose entertainers to bring you closer too: from Shanghai Acrobats to Russia’s Mariinsky Theatre musicians Viennese orchastras.



We have a comprehensive series of included shore excursions during every cruise, complemented by an enriching onboard program. Our Culture CurriculumSM brings history and culture to life. Watch a local German glassblower or learn about French Impressionism. Artists, performers and professors from eminent institutions all all provide you with deep insight into your destination. We even stock our ship’s library with books relevant to your cruise.



Accompany your chef on a shopping trip to the local market. Meet local fine food and wine purveyors. With Viking, food is not just for sustenance, it’s a joy to be shared. Make apple strudel or whip up a fondant au chocolat — our tastings, cooking classes and hands-on demonstrations are the perfect way to expand your mind and satisfy your taste buds.


Crystal River Cruises

Crystal River Cruises Announces Complete 2021 Deployment

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Luxury line becomes the first river company to open its reservations nearly three years in advance

Book Now Savings guarantee the lowest fares with up to $2,000 per suite on select sailings

MIAMI, November 1, 2018 – Crystal River Cruises, the World’s Most Luxurious River Cruise Line, announced the complete deployment for its award-winning fleet in 2021 giving travelers nearly three years in advance to plan luxury vacations along Europe’s rivers. The line’s five luxury river ships – Crystal Mozart and the four identical sister ships Crystal Bach, Crystal Debussy, Crystal Mahler, and Crystal Ravel – will sail the Danube, Rhine, Main and Moselle rivers on itineraries of seven to 16 days. With 45 unique ports of call, dozens of which are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites, every voyage features at least one overnight stay, many with double and even triple overnights, allowing guests to further immerse themselves in the ports’ charm and history, or venture to nearby towns for broader experiences.

“We have seen such great demand and increasing desire by luxury travelers to secure their ideal European vacations earlier than ever and we are pleased to make our complete offerings for 2019, 2020 and now 2021 available for booking,” said Walter Littlejohn, Crystal River Cruises’ vice president and managing director. “Not only does this advance ability to plan help ensure that our guests enjoy their Crystal River Experience precisely the way they wish, but our Book Now Savings adds more incentive to book early, guaranteeing the best fares for guests who plan ahead.

“In 2021, more than 180 Crystal River Cruises’ departures invite the most discerning travelers to experience the nuances of true luxury on Europe’s rivers – a standard unmatched by any other line. UNESCO-recognized Old Towns in Bamberg and Brugge, epicenters of art and music in Vienna and Salzburg and dramatic landscapes like the Wachau Valley and Middle Rhine Valley add historic and natural flavor to itineraries that also feature contemporary hubs like Düsseldorf and Basel,” Littlejohn added.

The “Eastern Danube Discoveries” voyage will debut on Crystal Mozart offering deeper exploration of Hungary as well as Serbia and Croatia. Other itineraries highlight the seasonal delights of riverside destinations, like springtime “Tulips & Windmills” sailings that explore the flower-laden fields of the Netherlands and Belgium; and winter sailings that focus on the dazzling spectacles of the region’s famed Christmas markets. Crystal will also sail the river less traveled, with “Enchanting Moselle” voyages through the scenic Moselle Valley.

Seemingly timeless medieval towns mix beautifully on Crystal River Cruises with modern hubs of culture and commerce. Guests can explore Germany’s oldest town of Trier, Beethoven’s birthplace in Bonn, the famed windmills of Amsterdam, Dusseldorf’s vibrant art and culinary scene and the stunning musical heritage of Vienna. On every voyage, the Crystal River Collection of more than 200 inclusive, curated experiences ashore will enhance the journey for guests with an abundance of options that cater to varied interests. Complementary Signature Events, optional more elaborate excursions and exclusive dining experiences are also on offer.

Now available for booking, Crystal River Cruises’ 2021 itineraries include:

Rhine & Moselle River cruises: Crystal Bach and Crystal Debussy

“Legendary Rhine,” 7 nights, Basel to Amsterdam
Featuring overnights in Koblenz and Amsterdam; calling in Cologne, Rüdesheim and Mannheim, Germany; and Strasbourg, France.

“Romantic Rhine,” 7 nights, Amsterdam to Basel
Featuring overnights in Koblenz and Amsterdam; calling in Cologne, Rüdesheim and Mannheim, Germany; and Strasbourg, France, and cruising through Boppard and Lorelei, Germany.

“Tulips and Windmills,” 7 nights, Amsterdam Roundtrip
Beginning and ending with overnight stays in Amsterdam; calling in Kinderdijk, Hoorn, Rotterdam and Middleburg, Netherlands; and Ghent and Antwerp, Belgium.

“Enchanting Moselle,” 10 nights, Amsterdam Roundtrip
Featuring overnight stays in Amsterdam, Netherlands and Trier, Germany; calling in Dusseldorf, Koblenz, Bernkastel, Cochem and Bonn, Germany; and Arnhem, Netherlands.

“Rhine Christmas Markets,” 10 nights, Amsterdam to Basel/Basel to Amsterdam
Beginning and ending with overnights in Basel and Amsterdam (double overnight), as well as overnights in Koblenz, Germany; calling in Rüdesheim, Speyer, Breisach, Cologne and Strasbourg, France.


Danube River cruises: Crystal Mozart, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Ravel

“Eastern Danube Discoveries,” 11 nights, Vienna Roundtrip
Beginning and ending with overnights in Vienna; also calling in Esztergom, Budapest, Visegrad, Mohács and Kalocsa, Hungary; Bratislava, Slovakia; Vukovar, Croatia; Belgrade and Novi Sad, Serbia and cruising through Iron Gate Gorge.

“Delightful Danube,” 7 nights, Budapest to Regensburg/Regensburg to Budapest
Featuring overnights in Budapest, Regensburg and Vienna; calling in Dürnstein and Melk, Austria; and Passau, Germany, as well as cruising the Wachau Valley.

“Danube Serenade,” 7 nights, Vienna to Budapest/Budapest to Vienna
Featuring overnights in Vienna and Budapest; calling in Dürnstein, Melk, Linz and Krems, Austria; and Bratislava, Slovakia, and cruising the Wachau Valley.

“Treasures of the Danube,” 10 nights, Vienna Roundtrip
Beginning and ending with overnights in Vienna and also overnighting in Budapest and Passau; calling in Bratislava, Slovakia; Dürnstein, Melk and Linz, Austria; and cruising the Wachau Valley.

“Christmas Wonders of the Danube,” 7 nights, Budapest to Passau/Passau to Budapest
Featuring overnights in Vienna and Budapest; calling in Bratislava, Slovakia; Krems, Melk and Linz, Austria and cruising the Wachau Valley.


Ultimate Journeys – Danube, Rhine & Main Rivers combined

“Grand Europe,” 16 nights, Budapest to Amsterdam/Amsterdam to Budapest
Overnighting in Budapest, Vienna, Amsterdam, Regensburg (westbound only) and Rüdesheim (eastbound only); calling in Bratislava, Slovakia; Dürnstein and Melk, Austria; and Passau, Regensburg, Nuremberg, Rüdesheim, Bamberg, Cologne, Miltenberg and Würzburg, Germany, as well as Koblenz, Germany and the Rhine Gorge on the westbound route; and cruising the middle Rhine Valley.


Holiday Cruises

December 22 – Crystal Ravel Holiday Cruise, 11 nights, Budapest to Regensburg with New Year’s Eve in Regensburg
Beginning and ending with double overnights in Budapest and Regensburg (including New Year’s Eve), respectively, including New Year’s Eve, and also overnighting in Vienna; calling in Passau, Germany; Krems, Melk and Linz, Austria; and Bratislava, Slovakia.

December 22 – Crystal Bach Holiday Cruise, 11 nights, Basel to Amsterdam with New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam
Beginning with three nights in Basel (including Christmas Eve and day), ending with a double overnight in Amsterdam (including New Year’s Eve) and also overnighting in Breisach; calling in Strasbourg, France; Mannheim, Worms, Rüdesheim, Koblenz and Dusseldorf, Germany; Arnhem and Lelystad, Netherlands.

December 23 – Crystal Mahler Holiday Cruise, 10 nights, Regensburg to Budapest with New Year’s Eve in Vienna
Beginning with an overnight in Regensburg and ending with a double overnight in Vienna (including New Year’s Eve) and also overnighting in Linz and Budapest; calling in Melk, Austria; Passau, Germany; Esztergom, Hungary; and Bratislava, Slovakia.


Crystal’s new-build river vessels are the river cruising industry’s first and only all-balcony, all-suite, all-butler vessels in Europe, with every category of accommodation positioned above the water line. All suites feature Panoramic Balcony-Windows™ and walk-in closets and dual vanity in the bathrooms are featured in most categories. Sister-ship Crystal Mozart is Europe’s most spacious river ship, at twice the width of any other, and offers an unrivalled number of social spaces, restaurants and the largest spa on the rivers.

All of Crystal’s river ships feature private butler service in every room category, king-sized beds, ETRO amenities, robes and slippers, and wall-mounted flat-screen HD TVs. Additional enticing features include farm-to-table cuisine in multiple, open-seating eateries: the elegant Waterside Restaurant, namesake Bistro cafés and the exclusive Vintage Room; and the Palm Court for entertainment, enrichment presentations and sweeping views of the countryside. Crystal’s attention to detail reaches ashore, as guests are transported on the days’ adventures in luxury motor coaches equipped with complimentary water and Wi-Fi for added convenience and comfort.

Fares for Crystal River Cruises’ 2021 voyages start at $2,399 per person. Book Now Savings are up to $2,000 per suite on select voyages through November 30, 2018. Crystal also recently unveiled the complete deployment for 2020, which features new itineraries and special programming, including the decennial Oberammergau Passion Play.

Progressive Dining Experience

Don’t miss this unique dining experience

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The Art of Dining With Uniworld – Progressive Dinners

With Uniworld’s unique Progressive Dinners, available onboard all their Super Ships, you can indulge in a splendid multi-course meal that will bring you to multiple locations on your ship.

From appetizers in the galley to dessert on the Sun Deck, you’ll discover new spots onboard and go behind the scenes with our crew—all while enjoying our culinary expertise and delicious farm-to-table comfort cuisine.


What’s on the Menu

WHEELHOUSE – Head up to the Captain’s wheelhouse to begin your delicious culinary journey with a signature cocktail

GALLEY – Then, meet and greet with the Executive Chef in the galley and enjoy delectable appetizers like savory cookies and Bea Tollman’s sesame fried chicken.

ENGINE ROOM – After being greeted by the ship’s Engineer, you’ll indulge in homemade seafood, vegetable and chicken cigars with sweet chili dip.

SUN DECK – Cap your one-of-a-kind meal with dessert on the Sun Deck, where you’ll enjoy a scrumptious chocolate masterpiece.

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind Progressive Dinner for an additional charge by booking onboard.

Al Fresco Dining

Al fresco Dining with Uniworld

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Savor a delicious meal under the stars

On five of Uniworld’s boutique river cruise ships, you’ll have the unique opportunity to dine on the top deck, al fresco—at no additional cost. Enjoy a four-course meal while cruising along some of the most breathtaking landscapes in Europe. Anniversary, Birthday, Milestone event? It’s the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

A truly indulgent meal awaits in L’Osteria where you can take in views of the Venetian Lagoon. Savor freshly baked oven pizza prepared with locally sourced ingredients.

Make mealtime a masterpiece by heading up to La Motte Sky Lounge for dinner and drinks under the stars. Don’t miss your chance to try local bratwurst accompanied by brown craft beer gravy.

The most magical way to end a day spent exploring Europe’s heartland? A one-of-a-kind meal at the Sky Lounge. We suggest trying the beef brisket bouillon!

Savor an extraordinary meal while enjoying unmatched views of the Danube, Main and Rhine rivers at the Sky Lounge. The oven baked cauliflower is one of our favorites!

Bask in the striking beauty of the Main, Moselle and Rhine as you enjoy a delicious meal on the Sun Deck. Make sure to leave room for dessert!


When you sail with Uniworld you will enjoy an unriveled taste of your destinations.  You’ll be treated to world-class cuisine made from fresh ingredients, locally sourced from the destinations you are visiting.


Lipizzan Cinema Theater on the S.S. Maria Theresa

Experience Dine-In Theaters with Uniworld River Cruises

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The Art of Dining with Uniworld

Each Uniworld ship is home to a whole host of unique features, many of which are a pleasant surprise for guests to discover on their cruise. Take the S.S. Maria Theresa’s, S.S. Antoinette’s and River Countess’ onboard cinemas, for example.

Settle into one of these venues for a delightful movie showing during your time onboard and enjoy the big screen in the most luxurious of settings. Plus, with a new dine-in theater menu to accompany your film, your expectations for movie night will never be the same.

Dine-In Theater Menu
Idulge in a 3-course dinner for 15 Euro

Complete with Fresh Vegetable Crudities in Chive Sour Cream, Mini Juicy Lucy Burger with Country Fries and BBQ Dip (a Tollman family favorite) and Choco Lollipops for dessert!


Now Showing

Lipizzan Cinema | S.S. Maria Theresa
An intimate, blue-velvet-dress cinema, complete with vintage posters of Austrian-born movie stars.

Le Cinema Pigale | S.S. Antoinette
This 3-D, 22-seat theater features vintage movie posters and is equipped with Dolby Surround Sound.

Sun Deck | River Countess
Cozy up under the open air of the Sun Deck for movie screenings from an entirely new perspective.

Crystal Ravel Christening

Crystal Ravel Christened In Budapest

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MIAMI, July 11, 2018 – Less than two years ago, Crystal launched its first river ship, Crystal Mozart, marking the company’s grand entrance into Europe’s river cruising industry. Today, Crystal River Cruises welcomed its fifth ship and the newest member of the fleet, Crystal Ravel, during a christening ceremony in Budapest, Hungary. The World’s Most Luxurious River Cruise Line™ celebrated the occasion with Crystal’s President and CEO Tom Wolber; the ship’s godmother, Hungarian philanthropist and creator of the hit “Virtuosos” classical music talent show, Mariann Peller; and Crystal River Cruises’ Vice President and Managing Director Walter Littlejohn.

“Today is a proud day for the entire Crystal family. In just over two years, we introduced five ships, which is a tremendous accomplishment of growth for this expansion of the Crystal brand,” Wolber said. “But what makes us most proud is that with each new ship and new experience, Crystal’s commitment to superb quality and exceptional luxury and service has remained unwavering.”

Crystal River Cruises now comprises Crystal Ravel and her identical sister ships: Crystal Bach, Crystal Mahler and Crystal Debussy; as well as Crystal Mozart, which at twice the width of any other river cruise ship, is Europe’s most spacious river cruise ship and launched the brand in July 2016.

“Beyond these exquisite ships – which are earning the acclaim of luxury travelers from around the world – the heart of the Crystal River Experience is the people,” Littlejohn said. “Crystal’s crew is simply unmatched in their warm, genuine service and attention to detail. Our guests are savvy travelers who truly value that personal connection and frequently share the sentiment that sailing with Crystal is like coming home to their onboard family.”

“To be named the godmother of a ship that celebrates the classical musical heritage of this country and the lands that surround her – is an honor that speaks to my heart,” Peller said. “Beyond the connection to the musical masters of this region, Crystal River ships represent the stunning grace, elegance and beauty of the rivers that flow here. I am honored to become part of the Crystal Family, as this company embodies a dedication to excellence.”

Tenor Steffan Mullan performed during the ceremony, while Young Virtuosos artists performed aboard the ship following the traditional blessing, including clarinetist Ali Dániel Lugosi, double bassist Tamás Kökény, violinist Amira Abouzahra, violinist Mariam Abuzahra, and Budapest Festival Orchestra harpist Ágnes Polonyi with a special performance onboard the ship.

The ceremony took place during the ship’s overnight stay in Budapest on its weeklong “Danube Serenade” voyage, allowing guests aboard the sailing to participate in the festivities, while Crystal crew members also looked on from the decks of the ship. Travelers from around the world joined the celebration via the Facebook Live broadcast on Crystal’s Facebook page.

Crystal Ravel is currently sailing itineraries of six to 14 days between Vienna and Basel; and in 2019 she will be the only river ship to sail seven-night Danube cruises round-trip from Vienna to ports in Austria, Hungary and Slovakia.

Crystal’s new river vessels are the river cruising industry’s first and only all-balcony, all-suite, all-butler vessels in Europe, with every category of accommodation positioned above the water line. All suites feature Panoramic Balcony-Windows™ and walk-in closets and dual vanity in the bathrooms are featured in most categories. Crystal Mozart is Europe’s most spacious river ship, at twice the width of any other, and offers an unrivalled number of social spaces, restaurants and the largest spa on the rivers. All of Crystal’s river ships feature acclaimed butler service in every room category, king-sized beds, ETRO amenities, robes and slippers, and wall-mounted flat-screen HD TVs. Additional enticing features include farm-to-table cuisine in multiple, open-seating eateries: the elegant Waterside Restaurant, namesake Bistro cafés and the exclusive Vintage Room; and the Palm Court for entertainment, enrichment presentations and sweeping views of the countryside.

Avalon Waterways

Avalon’s Active Discovery cruises

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Avalon’s Active Discovery river cruises in Europe: learn, encounter, get out there!

European river cruises are getting more popular each year – and what’s not to like?  Cruising at a leisurely pace through some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, past ancient vineyards and medieval towns.  So close to shore you can wave to locals walking their dogs (who, in our experience, always wave back).

Add fine dining with delicious regional wines and beers and you’ve got a recipe for a great vacation!

Until recently, though, some would-be cruisers worried that a European river cruise didn’t offer options for a holiday where you can keep up your fitness regime from home (perhaps the impression of “Too much time sitting listening to lectures on Beethoven”?)

To the rescue:  Avalon Waterways and their Active Discovery Cruises.

Launched last year on the Danube River and proving so popular that the company has this year added the Rhine and next year will add France’s Rhône, they combine just the right amount of fitness and fun that lots of Canadians are looking for.

Every day you have the option of three types of shore excursion:

– “Active” – such as a guided biking tour or run…perhaps a hike through vineyards or even a canoeing trip.  How Canadian is that!

– “Discovery” – a special encounter, perhaps with a local chocolatier or farmer…channel your inner Van Gogh at a painting class in Amsterdam or have a hoot at a language lesson in “Fungarian” in Budapest.

– “Classic” – usually a guided walking tour in the company of a local who’s an expert in culture, history, architecture – and where the best shopping is!

Best of all, every shore excursion is included in the price of your Avalon Waterways cruise – and you don’t need to decide which one you want to take until that day.

Avalon’s sparkling new ships accommodate a maximum of just 168 passengers and offer a small but lovely selection of dining options:  the main restaurant, where expansive buffet breakfasts and lunches and four-course sit-down dinners are served; the Bistro Resto for small-plate, light dinners; and the roof-top Sky Deck grill for al-fresco lunches.  Continental breakfast served to your cabin is free of charge and self-serve teas and specialty coffees are always on tap in the Club Lounge.  Local wines and beers are included at lunch and dinner.

Nightly entertainment comprises lively and interesting port talks as well as live entertainment, often entertainers who come on board just for the evening to give you an authentic taste of local music.


To make your 2018 or 2019 European River cruise a reality connect with an ilovecruising.com cruise specialist today!